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Why Choose our Products

Did you know that on average, a person will put over 200 chemicals onto their body each day, primarily through soaps, lotions, and other personal hygiene products?  For women, adding cosmetics to the mix, the number can be as high as 500; each day.  At Kirkwood Body and Bath we aim to help you replace the products you use daily that are heavy in detergents, sulphates, petrochemicals and other harsh chemicals

Much of the range is completely natural, made from pure, sustainably sourced ingredients.  The remainder are made as naturally as we can.

Please take the time to browse the products.


Our Product Guarantee:

Genuinely Australian Made

Handmade with Australian sourced products where possible

Free of detergents, sulphates, petrochemicals, phthalates, phosphates

Vegetarian; mostly Vegan

NEVER tested on Animals

Supporting Australian small business

Luxurious, moisturising, enriching

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